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Amazing latest album ! Like Bruce Springsteen, I gotta listen to it to get it, it gets better each time ! You the best Steve ! Loren retired ( for now) Fox8
Submitted by loren kruse on July 31, 2020

Love Tries is still a Fantastic Song Why don’t you rerelease it again and get it played on the Radio. I’m sure it would be a Huge Hit!!!!
Submitted by Mike matarrese on July 30, 2019

Happy Birthday Steve ! Amazing Cake Susan ! Love the Wolf Tavern 'Speak-Easy' & Under-Ground Rail Road .... Your the Best Steve ..... 'I need you when your 64....' OXOX ...Loren
Submitted by Loren (Fox8) on November 27, 2016

Enjoyed listening to you at the Old Firehouse Winery 6/25/16 caught the last 45 min. of your performance.
Submitted by William P Allison on June 26, 2016

Great website Steve
Submitted by Buddy Cosmo on July 28, 2015

He Steve you put on a good show at sully`s in Medina. Loved the music. And thanks for picture for my college/school Project.
Submitted by Aaron Tomko on March 11, 2015

Hey Steve and Susie, i would good seeig u guys lsst night. Lets drink
Submitted by jim sparano on January 25, 2015

We have to get you set up at fat heads brewery. Before summer hits. Let me know what comes of the idea. We can party down. And put u up. So drinkings not a problem
Submitted by jim sparano on January 25, 2015

Awesome show last night in Medina !!! Great songs, Next time BL ...
Submitted by Dave Deran on November 22, 2014

Will signing up get me emails on updates regarding your schedule? Thanks
Submitted by Michael G Trecaso on July 27, 2014

We really enjoyed the seeing you at the Old Firehouse on July 4th. Still love your music!
Submitted by Donna & Donna Rooney on July 10, 2014

Hey Steve.... Enjoyed your website and your music. Remembering my days on Put in Bay, Kelly's Island and at the Surf Lounge at Cedar Point. Fun times!!! Best of luck! Deric
Submitted by Deric Langton on April 9, 2014

Yo steve!! Good to see yer still.around, it's.been.saying too long.since we.worked.for.George on.P.I.B. - Chef Barry
Submitted by barry karasiewicz on January 2, 2014

Submitted by elaine on October 21, 2013

Hi Steve, We miss you up at the rock. My prayers are with you and your family. Sailor Bob & Brandi
Submitted by Sailor Bob on August 16, 2013

The keys Rock PIB
Submitted by HandyRandy on July 20, 2013

Love your music and shows. Cant wait for PIB and The Keys!!!! See ya!
Submitted by KEITHFROMME on March 29, 2013

Steve, I hope you get this before this weekend, can't wait to see you. I have had a couple ask for t shirts, please bring some to sale. have a safe trip love ya,Holly
Submitted by Holly Houk on January 22, 2013

Steve , just got home after our weekend at PIB, wasn't the same without you!!!!!! Hope to see you in Crooksville this year, missed ya.
Submitted by Holly Houk Crooksville Girls on June 5, 2012

Hi Steve. Long time no talk to. I was just kinda wondering what you guys have been up to all these years. I've been down in the metro Atlanta area since 1986. I have my chiropractic office a little north of Atlanta. My wife and I have been married since 1984. hope to hear from you.
Submitted by Kerry Severin on June 1, 2012

Westside Steve!!! This is Zanesville Steve!!! Love seeing you at PIB. Hoping to get down to Crooksville tonight to see the show. Keep up the good word singing and putting smiles on people's faces. Thanks!!!
Submitted by Steve and Lynn Carrel on January 14, 2012

Hey, it's DECK MAN.... Sorry, boat died due to an electrical melt down. Still couldn't find a job so I bought a Winery in Goshen, In. Look me up on Urbanspoon if you get in the area. Later man....
Submitted by Larry And Kathy Libey on September 27, 2011

Steve, Just wanted to say thanks, my 5 year old daughter walked up to the stage to say goodbye during Pirate Weekend in PNB and you gave her a copy of Limestone Cowboy. It has been playing on her MP3 ever since, and I love it too. See you this winter on the mainland and thanks for being a class act!-
Submitted by Larry Amato on July 25, 2011

Great seeing you again!! Always fun to be at the bay & see that you are still rocking the island. Or was that the Lake Erie water! lol
Submitted by Mike Gray on July 19, 2011

Good Sounds,Steve. I work with Sue.Hope to see you one day.
Submitted by Cuyahoga Joe on June 15, 2011

Steve; So glad to hear your better...looking so forward to seeing you both...bring some cd's please...xo from Berea
Submitted by Liz Peterkoski on June 4, 2011

Get well soon Steve, Love ya
Submitted by Lisa O`Connor on May 24, 2011

Submitted by BOB AND LAURIE on May 21, 2011

looking forward to another fun Memorial Day weekend with WSS !!
Submitted by Donna on May 17, 2011

Enjoyed seeing you at PIB last July!We are having stuffed mangos for supper!
Submitted by Mark reed on January 23, 2011

Hey Steve! This is little bro from Turkey! i was in PIB this summer ill give an example to make u remember me:) "hey steve can u sing Turn the Page for me? but please do it like James Hetfield!":) hope to c you somewhere..
Submitted by Arda Hacaduryan on December 23, 2010

Been meaning to tell you your Battle of Lake Erie was best performance at Labor Day Miller Ferry Party;Also, Dirty Little Town song with the Asbury Park horns sound might mean I have to start calling you Southside instead of Westside!
Submitted by Sweeney on December 14, 2010

Just emailed ya.
Submitted by John and Loralee Carmichael on November 15, 2010

It's been a great year, enjoyed taking family and friends to listen to you drink some beers and forget our names. Looking forward to seeing you in 2011, in the mean time I guess we listen to the CD's
Submitted by John on October 25, 2010

Battle of Lake Erie is a really great song. Great sound on your guitar, too.
Submitted by Virginia Fogg on September 23, 2010

We had a wonderful time with you this week. Just as we have before each time. Thanks for have Logan (chicken hat) on stage with you.
Submitted by John & Cathy with Logan on July 30, 2010

Battle of Lake Erie is amazing song ! Your the best ! Love you Bro.! Loren Fox8
Submitted by Loren Kruse on July 28, 2010

Hello! My husband and I enjoyed you so much! You really made our memories of PIB special! It was fun singing with you too!
Submitted by Abigail and Matt on July 11, 2010

Diggin on the new WSS CD! CoSmiC DebriS! Current favorite hit, Sloop John B. Push !
Submitted by Kap'age dae Ig'age on June 10, 2010

I had alot of fun on Put in Bay your a great entertainer. You signed my cd and were very friendly . Thanks for being a great guy.
Submitted by Margie Bauer on March 23, 2010

had a wonderful time at 'on tap' in Akron listening to you..it was well worth the drive from detroit to see you. see you at put in bay in July.
Submitted by Lisa & Kevin on March 21, 2010

Hey bro! I seen you at PIB over the summer and we thought you were awesome! But I'am writing you this because you are playing on my 21st birthday at Mc Carthy's on the 19th and I am totally siked! I told all my bro's about you and we can't wait to rock out so we will definitly be seeing you then! Joe
Submitted by joe on February 2, 2010

It was great to see you and dumplin' last Labor Day weekend. Hopefully we will see yo at one your venues this COLD WINTER........ Have a great one.........
Submitted by Larry and Kathy on January 24, 2010

Hey Steve, Great sounding songs and recordings. Very nice, professional. I missed you about 4 times this year @ PIB. Be there more this year 42' Thompson and going to start playing out again. See ya soon..... Happy new year.
Submitted by Dave Grega on January 17, 2010

Hi Steve (& Susan), Just wanted to say "hi"- Rob & I only got up to PNB once this Summer....we missed you! We will have to make a few of your "local gigs" this winter. BTW-I am the one you call "sis" & we most recently saw you at the Medina farmer's market this past summer. See you soon! Slainte'! Susan (Sis) & Rob
Submitted by Susan Kinney on November 12, 2009

hey steve,just wanted rto say hello, i am thinking about you and i hope you find your way to georgia some time.grant and i moved back here to georgia 3 weeks ago........sure gonna miss you but will be checking up on you on your web sites.come see us soon.we we love you.....vickie and grant(granny and jethro)
Submitted by vicke(granny) on October 15, 2009

Had a great time as always! We wanted to take our friends on the Put-In-Bay bar crawl but when you walk into a WestSide Steve show you can not leave the fun! Love you bro, Steve & Kris
Submitted by Steve & Kris on August 18, 2009

We had a blast with you on Saturday! Thanks for letting Rick sing Piano Man with you. We think you are awesome!
Submitted by Karen & Rick on August 17, 2009

we saw you at put-in-bay you were cool and then you and my uncle kevin sang songs together!!!!! it was one of the best parts of our trip to put-in-bay!!
Submitted by brandi on August 17, 2009

Steve - you helped make my 45th birthday up at The Bay even better! THANKS! see you soon!
Submitted by Rocko on July 28, 2009

Hey Steve, thanks for letting me play a couple of tunes for you this past weekend. I'll be back in the area around August 15th, so I will try to stop by and see you again.
Submitted by David Cochran on July 5, 2009

Great Music! Great Show! Great Guy! Thanks for the CD buddy, I enjoyed sitting in. P.S. Say hi to your brother Mic for me... =D
Submitted by Freddie G on June 15, 2009

another wonderful wknd with you Steve ~ next time we'll leave out "Rocket Man" ....see you next month !
Submitted by Donna & Rod ~ on May 27, 2009

10 days until the crooksville girls hit the island!! Can't wait!!
Submitted by michalyn on May 26, 2009

Hi Steve, Lu Ann and I where happy to see on Friday, we always enjoy your show. I also wanted to thank you for going out of your way to share your stage,at the Old Mill Winery and inviting me to play a few songs. your a good man, and a great entertainer. Thanks again. Maybe see you at Bay Jerry Busch
Submitted by Jerry Busch on February 16, 2009

OK... so I cant spellll
Submitted by Jerry Busch on February 16, 2009

Anyone who has not listened to "Windward Crossing" is missing one of the best experiences of their lives. Steve's songwriting is supurb. He put all his heart and soul into this compilation, and I strongly urge everyone to get a copy. For those of you who are Irish, the lilting melodies will stir your emotions. The instruments are used in such an artful fashion, that you can't help but feel proud of your heritage. For those who are not Irish, the music can turn you into a "wannabe"! Steve, I'm so proud for you, and I wish you lots of success! I love, love, love the CD! Party on, dude!
Submitted by Miss Kitty on February 11, 2009

Steve, missed you last summer. Hope everything is fine with you and Dumplin'. I tried ti finish the deck. CRAP! I'm tired of it.... Guess we will see yo at Beer God's Boat Club in March. Later Man. Larry and Kathy
Submitted by Larry A. Libey on February 5, 2009

I've got serious WSS music withdraw ! pray for an EARLY spring !! single life stinks...4 months to PIB!
Submitted by Donna on January 30, 2009

This here's Miss Kitty y'all, comin' at 'cha from Buddy Holley's hometown of Lubbock, Tex-age. I hail from the BHS Class of '71, where I went by the Yankee name of Beverly Pinegar. Der Kaptin hooked me up with your site, and asked me to russle up a message to ya. That little rascle gifted me with the ESB CD and T-shirt. Hoooo weeee! That's some outstanding music. Boy, you got some pipes on ya! Enjoying every song to the max. Those boys you got backin' ya up ain't too shabby either. Just kitting! The whole band rocks my little world every day, cause I haven't taken the CD out of the player in the Kitty Mobile since I got it. Just about got every song memorized. You boys ought to take your show on the road and bring those great sounds to Lubbock. Oh, I forgot, you've been here before, eh? Seems I remember something about a Bev-erage drive thru??? Hummmm????? Anyways, the people here would sure dig your music. Well Steve, from one redhead to another, you just keep on rockin'! Remember the good ole days at Chippewa Lake...ah those were the best of times! Don't you go gettin' no cat scratch fever now, ya hear?
Submitted by Miss Kitty on January 16, 2009

Testeez! Take that last train to Crooksville and I'll MEAT you at the stage-son! This is ONLY a TesT (ease). Me thinx the book-ments are scanned b-4 posted. Test (ease)!
Submitted by Kaptin Dig~Putz on January 4, 2009

Wrong again! M-SeX lives in mammories via Green Gas House, Spicertown. And the 1972 A.U Trustees are still lookin fer dat red-haired Homecoming Queen or King... do I hear M-Sex? And PuNT!
Submitted by Kaptin Dig-Putz on January 4, 2009

Steve, got the URL to your site from a music support forum where we are both members. Just wanted to say that your music is amazing, and that you are a very talented person. Keep up the good work.
Submitted by Pat Marr on December 23, 2008

Hey Steve!! Wonderful show once again in the big city. Can't wait to see you again soon.
Submitted by Michalyn on December 10, 2008

another WONDERFUL performance Steve, thanks for making our Labor Day wknd 08 special; we love ya !
Submitted by Donna & Rod on September 2, 2008

Hi Steve...Thanks for playing that Steve Goodman song. --Tim from Chicago
Submitted by Tim Fairbank on September 1, 2008

Love Windward Crossing...can't stop listening to it!!! It brings back lots of GREAT memories of PIB!
Submitted by Gina on August 30, 2008

Hi Steve Just wanted to let you know what a great time we had seeing your show at the Bay . Keep on ROCKIN!!!!!! Jerry and LuAnn Busch
Submitted by Jerry and Luann Busch on August 6, 2008

Great to see you again West Side!! The music is better than ever and the annual trip gets better each time!! Cheers and OOOOHHHHHHH!!!
Submitted by Shawn "Insurance Guy" Inmon on July 25, 2008

Hi,Steve, We really enjoy seeing you when we go to the Bay. This 4th was the greatest.We purchased 2 of your cd's anbd they are really good. Hope to see you again later this year or next.
Submitted by Jim & Linda Pollock on July 6, 2008

We loved your show! You rock! Wish he had not wasted the sunny day at Cedar Point lol.
Submitted by KY Crew on July 2, 2008

Submitted by HO on June 14, 2008

another grrrreat memorial Day wknd !!! We miss ya already...see you in July and have a GREAT summer !!
Submitted by Donna & Rod on June 9, 2008

One more week until the crooksville girls hit the island. Can't wait to see you and dumplin.
Submitted by michalyn on May 29, 2008

5 more days and counting !!! BOY it's been a long winter !! praying for a warm up !! looking forward to spending the wknd. with ya!! c u soon ! Donna & Rod !!
Submitted by Donna & Rod on May 19, 2008

We can't wait to see you and dumplin on monday for the st paddys day bash!! Michalyn & Geoff
Submitted by Michalyn on March 13, 2008

Hey Steve, great site. Not sure if you remember us, but we were the ones who looked at that little white house on the island with you guys last year. You let me do a couple songs (Elvis, Allman Bros.). I have since fell down and broke my guitar, but that is another story. Did you buy the house? Looking forward to seeing you this summer at the Bay. See you in June!!!!!! Guy
Submitted by Guy and Lori Guidone on March 13, 2008

Greetings brother: Tell my cupcakethat I miss her very much...can't wait 2 c u
Submitted by carlcook on March 9, 2008

Just wanted to say hi Steve and i will see you sat.Hope to have a few pints with you sir.
Submitted by Busey on January 24, 2008

Steve thanks for a GREAT time on Saturday. We appreciate it very much..you made Geoff's birthday a hit.
Submitted by michalyn on January 15, 2008

Hey Steve Can't wait until Saturday!!!
Submitted by Michalyn on January 9, 2008

Hey Steve...was looking at your upcoming schedule...When you coming back up North???? The girls need their "WSS Fix!!" Hope you guys have a Great New Year and hope to see you real soon...Beth Anne
Submitted by Beth on January 1, 2008

I'll see you & Dumpling tomorrow in Strongsville....C-ville
Submitted by Ronda on December 7, 2007

Steve and Susan, Koszonom szepen, for visiting Boston's Bistro & Pub to enjoy a short get-a-way in Dayton. Hope to see in the Bay sometime. David Boston
Submitted by David Boston on November 20, 2007

WOW !!!!! And what a ESB reunion it was!!!! Great music, we really enjoyed the nite...Blessings of peace to all. Lynn, Leann, Big Linda And Sherri
Submitted by Lynn on November 11, 2007

Hey there!!!! See you at Tangiers !!!! Leann,Big Linda,Sherri, and Lynn
Submitted by Lynn on November 9, 2007

Heyyyy OOOOOO STEVE! Can't wait ta hear ya play this weekend in Crooksville! Curt n Holly's Last Bash....can ya beleve it? I'm sure it's gonna be huge! See ya there!!!!!!!!
Submitted by Rocky on October 31, 2007

Can't wait to see you in Crooksville on the 3rd!! I am sure it is going to be CRAZY!!!
Submitted by Michalyn on October 24, 2007

Well, the Indians took 5 hours to win their game, but the faithful WSS Fans stayed long enough to hear you sing a couple of songs, and it was WELL WORTH IT!!! It was wonderful to see you and Dumplin tonight, and I hope to see you in the Big Town in a couple of weeks...Lots of Love, Beth Anne... P.S.~ Thanks for "Sweet Caroline!" Wouldn't be a WSS Show Without it!!....
Submitted by Beth Anne on October 14, 2007

Kathy and I had a great time with you in July. Sorry we couldn't make it back but will see you this winter. I actually have been working on the deck. Goal to finish by next spring (fat chance). Say 'HI' to dumpling. Later, Kathy and Larry
Submitted by Larry A. Libey on September 12, 2007

Hey Steve, Just dropping by to say Hi. So sad we never made it up to the Bay this summer. Can't believe how fast it went. Also wanted to tell you that the girls are very excited to see the Price's Pub dates on your schedule... Can't wait. Til then, take care, Good Luck with your final weekend next week, and we'll hopefully see you and Dumplin soon. Much Love,
Submitted by Beth on September 12, 2007

Hi Steve, Sarah gave me your cd--really enjoyed it! I'm going to have her get some for me to give as Christmas presents. Bummed that I didn't get to see you in person, but maybe next year!
Submitted by Betty Wilfong on August 19, 2007

had a wonderfull time with ya at the bay! us Irish boys need to stick together! lol you made our 32nd a memerable time. will stay in touch. Bill and Jane
Submitted by BILL AND JANE SMITH on August 12, 2007

thanks for all the good tunes and fun on 7/30...the CD sounds GREAT !!..hope to see you and "dumplin" next time... take care WSS !!
Submitted by Donna & Rod on August 1, 2007

Steve! wishing you and the gang and Sue well! got tangled up in my real job, and like Mott I went all the way to Memphis. who'd a thunk the Weed - never the Elvis fan - would be just down the road from Graceland! bad karma or what? take care, my friend!!
Submitted by Seward on July 25, 2007

Steve Harry Sullivan is MIA he is the league director for the volleyball Tournament Aug 25th So no one is going to be able to play [we will still be up for the week though] Busey and crew also anyone out there that knows anything please e-mail me or call 440-953-1760 Thanks Cleve oh it's Harry G Sullivan 612 Revere Dr. Bay Village [someone out there stop by and see if he is alive please!]
Submitted by Cleve on July 23, 2007

hey Steve! We're coming up on Sunday 7/29.....for the day....aren't you going to be there?...bringing the whole family; sure would love to see you !! Won't be the same if we don't get to see ya ???
Submitted by Donna & Rod on July 19, 2007

CONSIDER YOURSELF WARNED!!! Leann,Big Linda, Sherry and myself will be arriving on the island this Friday, 7-13!! Prepare for our arrival!!! Cannot wait to see you, we are sooooo excited.
Submitted by Lynn,Leann,Big Linda and Sherry on July 10, 2007

Hi Steve, Just got the CD last night and I have been listening to it all day today! It's GREAT!!! For those of you reading this post, get your copy. You'll love it!!! Thanks for giving us the chance to listen to you whenever we want too. The check is "in the mail". Have a great weekend!!! Love ya, Beth Anne
Submitted by Beth Anne on June 22, 2007

We had so much fun this weekend....thanks so much!!!! Can't wait to see you again
Submitted by Michalyn on June 11, 2007

Hey Steve one more day until CROOKSVILLE hits the bay. We can't wait to see you guys on friday!!! Michalyn
Submitted by Michalyn on June 6, 2007

thanks for the Memorial Day 07 memories !!!; love to your and Dumpling ; see ya in JULY !! Donna & Rod :)
Submitted by ole lady" on June 1, 2007

It was nice singing with you. Had a great time and we made it back home. See you soon If you come in town let us know.
Submitted by Punkin from Steubenville,ohio on May 21, 2007

Hey Steve, Just wanted to wish you Good Luck and Best Wishes for a Great 2007 season at the Bay!! Hope to get up there to see you and Dumplin soon... Til then, take care and have a Great Time!!! Love, Beth Anne
Submitted by Beth on May 17, 2007

Dude glad to see you cleaned up all the junk people were leaving you Miss C-ya soon Cleve
Submitted by Cleve on April 13, 2007

Howdy Steve !; we had a GREAT time at Mel's with you and "dumpling" Friday night !; the drive up from Dayton was well worth it; we hope it's ALOT warmer next time on our trip up NORTH !!; I'm sure we won the award for "who drove the farthest" to see you for the wknd !!; REALLY enjoy your humor and your voice is very soothing to us !; from Your Gordon Lightfoot Fan clubs members; Donna & Rod
Submitted by Donna & Rod on April 10, 2007

Well, it was an adventure getting in to see you last weekend, Steve and Dumpling, but it was well worth it!!! Had a blast, as always!!! Thanks for another Great Night. Hope to see you both very soon!! Love ya, Beth Anne =-)
Submitted by Beth Anne on March 30, 2007

I love you man. Update your audio. I'm thinking some Brown-Eyed Girl. Guiness! Hey-o!
Submitted by Gary Typerstone on March 23, 2007

Hi Steve and Susan, Can't wait to see you Sat. night at Price's. The gang's all ready, and it sounds like we are bring in some "New Friends" for some WSS Fun!!! See you then. Love, Beth
Submitted by Beth Anne on March 22, 2007

Dear Steve, Just wanted to tell you that my husband and I had a fabulous time singing along with you at the Old Wheadon Grille in Hudson last Saturday night. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to sing Patsy Cline's Crazy. I was terrified and exhilerated all at the same time. It was so much fun. I also hope your voice came back quickly. We'll be looking for you to come around Cuyahoga Falls again. Take care. Peggy
Submitted by Peggy on February 5, 2007

Submitted by Donna Winebrenner on February 5, 2007

Another fine New Year (G)ushered in by the Good House*keeping Dump of Lin*ster and the guy who keeps the yang*peeples IN THE BLACK! But demme sir, tell me where the explosive directions say 'MUST BE LIT to LIGHT? Pat Travers got nuttin on U -- and the Island crowd chants "Boom-Boom (what is it?) Out go the She-ites!" PuLLL>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> !
Submitted by Kaptin Ignatz on January 1, 2007