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One Tank Trip w/ Neil Zurcher

Fox 8 Morning

Kissing the Blarney Stone

Best of the Breast Tour

Mayor & Staff

Mayor & Women's Auxiliary

The Easy Street Band

Ryan's Kids

Beer God, Cabin Boy, and Capt. Jack

with the Burger Queen

Brian's B-day & The Bite me Gang

The Indy Girls

Old Firehouse Celtic Fest


What about it?

Ruthie's Raiders

Crescent Gang


Ray the Crooner

Comtime Crew

On Tap - Rusty

What About It 2001

The British are coming

Fogg, Joe + Billy Bob

Windjammers Crew

Captain + Elaine

Stu, Doug + Mal

P-I-B's Finest

The Press House Spin

Sailing on the Tessa

Claire's West Gang

Cindy and Lester

BG's Crew

Beer God and the Sailors

Andy's Birthday OH Salute

Oak Harbor Crew

Matt and Laura

St Pats On Tap kids

Ron and Kara

Adrienne and Steve

Seamstress Bonnie

Mark the Piper

On Tap St. Pat's

The Boss

Gary and Laurie


Molsons at the Bay

Sunshine and Laurie and me

Dancing Don

The Spot

Best of the Breast


The Great Crescent Staff

Birthday lady

Where's the Dogs?

Fogg Gatewood and Me

Nill and Monica at PIB

Downtown Crooksville Ohio

Shots with the kids

Karen's 29th

Valerie and her staff

Mike Pekar sings

Dick and Dan EYC

Under the "Brad" Walk!!

The Works in Detroit

Marc the Piper!!

Bobby got Married!

Bassilakis at the Bay

Betty and Dan

Happy Birthday Old Bill

Sandy turns 40

Billy and Janie!!

Parma Tavenr Gang

Erie Yacht Club 2005

Crooksville 04

Ryan's other kids!

Jet Plane Hoosier

C Ville at thge Bay

The Island Time King DK

The Continentals

On The Tessa

On The Patio


Hiya Coach!!!

Ryan's Other Kids!!

Southside Cycle Celtic Harley

Marc The Piper 06

Hibernians Royal Oak


Grand Marshall


Works 06

Angie's Artwork

DT Poker Run 2006

On Tap St Paddy's

St Paddy's 2

St Paddy's 3

Davey and Mickey

Washtub Willie at the Slovene

Brad at Sloppys


Donna and Rod

Crooksville girls at the Bay

Sarah Wilfong at the Bay

Paul and Peggy at Hooley House

Hooley House Easter Egg Girls

Tony's kids

Marc The Piper St Paddys Parade 09

Wesley Rocks

Crooksville Girls 2009

Tiffin Crew 1

Tiffin hotties

Smiley's in Richmond In

Happy Birthday Dave!!

Washroom Wille to the rescue

Dog Fogg Cleve Steve and Alex

WSS at Sloppy's from Mike Z

The Devil went down to PIB