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Hi Friends It's done!!!!!!!!! WESTSIDE STEVE'S NEW CD!!!!! A PIRATES LIFE 13 new WSS songs including a brand new Bicentennial version of THE BATTLE OF LAKE ERIE. >>>>>>>>>>AVAILABLE NOW<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< You can order hard copies OR download at: CDBABY.COM/CD/WESTSIDESTEVESIMMONS That's the easiest way. order now! >>>>>>>>>IN STOCK<<<<<<<<<<<<<< I will also soon be on iTunes Amazon and all digital download sites!! Or Fifteen bucks and three dollars shipping ($18 total) to WSS PO 1263 Norton Ohio 44203 or (CDBaby is much easier) or just PICK ONE UP AT ANY SHOW!!!!! That's the easiest way of all plus I get to see you in person! Thanks to everybody who helped. See ya at Put in Bay for my 25th year on the island at The Keys PIB. It was a beautiful new venue last year and even better this year! WSS

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